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What Does My... Questons and Answers

What Does My...... a user contributed collection of common and not-so-common questions and answers.

Unanswered Questions

What does my kitchen good mean
What does my sophia mean
What does my name zara mean
What does my gemstone mean
What does my ct scan results mean
What does my personality say about me quiz
What does my matches mean on pof
What does my name mean lmfao
What does my handwriting say
What does my darkest days song
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What does my quivering member mean March 4th 2018 10:44
I'll explain
A quivering member is a vibrating penis to my current medical knowledge, Your member may be quivering due to fear, anger, happiness, contentment, aloofness, shock, horrification, unpleasantly, sickened. Good luck with your quivering member-the way to fix it is to inject it with coconut water. DO NOT INJECT IT WITH WATER YOUR BODY WILL THINK YOURE ATTACKING IT. but coconut water actuaklly help hydrate it. Stick it into the uretha. Good night
What does my eyeglass prescription mean November 10th 2016 23:57
dont understand this prescription
R RL=75+95/ L-1.00 sgh
dunno this
What does my nightmare mean quiz October 6th 2016 18:47
What does this mean
I'm being chased by some one or something (the things are always different) but I run in slow motion and I cant scream but than I wake up right before they get me. this is a reoccurring dream.
What does my age mean September 11th 2016 21:03
What Does My Age Mean?
My age is 11 and I want to know what it means.
What does my future boyfriend look like September 1st 2016 12:09
what does my future boyfriend look like
What does my cat keep throwing up August 27th 2016 13:57
Good info
Very nice site!
What does my apple id look like August 7th 2016 00:15
What does a apple ID look like
What does my niece daughter call me June 28th 2016 18:12
If my niece calls me uncle what's her daughter call me
What does my pulse mean May 23rd 2016 17:44
-you should get it checked out -to find your maximum heart rate minus your age from 220 -if you already got it checked out try not to worry about it too much as you will get more stressed which will make your pulse go up even more Hope this helps Alicia xx
What does my name mean in greek April 2nd 2016 09:50
What does my name mean in greek mythology April 2nd 2016 09:49
wanting to know
Danny like milner
What does my jolly sailor bold mean April 2nd 2016 04:36
old sailor times
"jolly sailor bold." A term used long ago by women who had fallen in love with a sailor while he was a shore. The sailor's would spend a couple of days on land and in that time they would look for a girl. However back then "jolly sailor bold" was used as a way for the young girls who had found a sailor to tell their families. But having a "jolly sailor bold" was not accepted back then,if the girls said they had a jolly sailor bold their families would kick them out it was majorly frowned upon to have a jolly sailor bold back then
What does my values mean March 29th 2016 04:33
What does my otterbox warranty cover March 27th 2016 03:18
defender Iphone case model 4897c bought at At & T
Does the warranty cover the defender Iphone case bought at the AT & T store? It is very loose and the tap for where the cord goes in came off.
What does my left ear enjoyed this mean March 24th 2016 09:16
This is what it means…
'My left ear enjoyed this' means whenever you wear headphones while watching that paticular video you can only hear the sound on your left ear.
What does my name mean in chinese March 18th 2016 08:45
I don't know what it means
What does my g mean slang March 5th 2016 10:49
my g means
My nigga, that's what it means
What does my heart sank mean February 26th 2016 11:09
What does my heart sank mean?
It means that you are sad or suddenly mad at someone for not keeping a secret
What does my zulu name mean February 24th 2016 09:11
Hi there I've been called this by my joss in work, he's from Zimbabwe & South Africa , what does this mean?
What does my flirt mean February 23rd 2016 16:30
What if they start feelings you up?
What does my surname say about me February 22nd 2016 20:50
What does my japanese last name mean February 20th 2016 23:55
What does my alter ego mean February 19th 2016 11:47
It means shit
What does my ding a ling mean February 17th 2016 04:10
What does my ding a ling mean
I heard this song saying my ding a ling and I am not sure what that means
What does my hindu name mean February 16th 2016 19:42
santosh parekh
English pronunciation
What does my star sign say today February 10th 2016 12:58
what does my star says today
i will like to know what my star says about me
What does my nhbc cover February 7th 2016 13:54
sub floor
i had a new sub floor fitted in 2009. It has now colapsed. the company who installed it claim they are NHBC award winners.Does this mean they are responsible for this floor colapsing
What does my dear mean February 5th 2016 03:22
what does 'my dear' mean
What does my wife want to eat for dinner February 5th 2016 00:28
Trying to figure it out
Will she cook?
What does my my name mean February 3rd 2016 17:03
i don't understand this ,like I don't understand what u want me to do !:(
What does my age mean quiz January 30th 2016 05:39
Nice smart
What does my aflac cancer policy cover January 25th 2016 18:36
I would like to read my aflac cancer policy.
I want to ready my policy online, it is a cancer policy and has wellness benefits I cover my husband on it and we both have had cancer and claims were paid. Wonderful service from aflac
What does my gail score mean January 17th 2016 13:48
gail score is 6 what does it mean
my score is 6
What does my boo mean January 16th 2016 01:34
Now you know
It means girlfriend and boyfriend
What does my spirit animal mean January 13th 2016 02:11
What dose my spirt animal mean
Spirit animal is a white fox with yellow eyes what is it mean
What does my last name stand for January 7th 2016 13:38
where does my name come from
What does my birthday color say about me January 3rd 2016 17:25
What does my birthday say about me??
That I'm fat
What does my shoota mean December 23rd 2015 02:50
What does Shoota mean?
It basically means that one friend you'll take a bullet for or do anything for them and love them dearly 😘 , so basically if they do it to them they have yo do it to you too because that person is your ride you'll go to jail for them because that's your friend no matter what yall go through ✊✊
Nadia 😜
What does my delta dental plan cover December 18th 2015 14:05
Does my plan cover root canal
What does my fingers itch mean December 6th 2015 15:17
Resulting to violence
What does my viking name look like December 5th 2015 17:02
Who are the elite11?
What does my fortune cookie mean December 5th 2015 02:24
remember you are always on our minds
What does my vauxhall warranty cover December 4th 2015 12:30
Glow Plugs
Had my Zafira since new done just short of 40000 miles, does lifetime warranty cover glow plugs ? They have been replaced when faulty before, but now cost me £141 any reason.
What does my armenian name mean December 3rd 2015 21:55
What does this name mean
What does my name mean biblically December 1st 2015 10:58
What does my anime character look like December 1st 2015 08:42
What does my nightmare mean November 26th 2015 18:09
......................... FUCK ME IN MY PUSSY
What does my cat say November 21st 2015 17:14
my cat says:meow in a high tone and purrs
and he rubs on me what does he mean???????????????????????????????????????????
rare waffle
What does my tooth fairy look like November 20th 2015 08:00
tonight I am going to find out what my tooth fairy looks like
What does my name mean in other languages November 16th 2015 10:15
what does my name mean in other languages